• Janesmith

    The Holland Partner Group will start construction on one of Seattle’s tallest apartment skyscrapers, breaking ground yesterday across from the Paramount Theatre on Ninth Avenue. The tower at 815 Pine will have 386-units and is scheduled to be completed in late 2014. The Seattle Times reports that data from Dupre+Scott Apartment Advisors says that by the time the tower is completed, over 7 thousand other apartments will available as well. Clyde Holland, CEO and Chairman of the development group said he isn’t worried about a flooded market. “Demand for housing in these urban, walkable neighborhoods is effectively insatiable for the next two or three years,” Holland said, adding that young adults “have no desire for suburbia. They want to wal…

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  • Thepussinboots898

    my blog is about this wiki, just saying! this wiki is cool, awesome, the founder made me a chat mod, and the backround is a future flash game for! and deviantart has the BEST flash game but WORST to beat your own high-score. it is called pinkie jump. you have to press A and D or the left key and the right key over and over again so pinkie pie can jump on the clouds without falling. the red clouds are fakes, they will dissapear without letting you jump on it. the white clouds are white. the green clouds take pinkie higher than the white ones can. the jean-blue clouds move left and right. and there is also items: the sun brings pinkie more clouds to jump on. the cupcake gives pinkie 500 more points the spring gives you a boos…

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